MBC Church Group Leader Commitments

  1. Church Group Leaders commit to spending regular time in God’s presence through prayer and meditation on His Word, reflecting God’s character in life, family, and work, and sharing God’s gospel with people who don’t know Christ. 


  1. Church Group Leaders commit to spending the necessary time each week (often this might be 5-6 hours per week) preparing for a group gathering, leading a group gathering, and most importantly building relationships with group members. 


  1. Church Group Leaders commit to pray regularly and meaningfully for their group members. 


  1. Church Group Leaders commit to encourage their members to be a family who cares for one another both physically and spiritually. 


  1. Church Group Leaders commit to strive to help their members grow in the likeness of Christ, making sure that members have encouragement and accountability in their battles with sin, as well as care and support amidst hardship and suffering.  


  1. Church Group Leaders commit to encourage their members to disciple one another and to make disciples of others both locally and globally 


  1. Church Group Leaders commit to work toward the 4-Aims of a Church Group Leader as outlined in the Church Group Leader Manual.  


  1. Church Group Leaders commit to complete the annual Church Group Health Reflections of both their individual and group life and ensure group members do the same. 


  1. Church Group Leaders commit to create a group environment that prioritizes the safety of children and follows the MBC Child Safety Policy. 


  1. Church Group Leaders commit to biblical conflict resolution with the goal of restoration and unity in the body of Christ as described in Matthew 18 and as outlined in the “Correction and Care” section of the Church Group Leader manual. 


  1. Church Group Leaders commit to maintain a group environment that avoids gossip or slander and instead promotes a spirit of grace and unity in the church. 


  1. Church Group leaders commit to living above reproach, to serve as an example to group members, and to preserve their witness towards unbelievers in the world. The Christian’s freedoms are exercised to glorify Christ (1 Corinthians 10:31), not to satisfy the desires of the flesh (Galatians 5:24). Where freedom of behavior is permitted, a leader may be held to a higher standard to live according to the principles of Romans 14:13-23. The following list, while not exhaustive, provides examples of behavior could necessitate removing an individual from beginning to or continuing to serve in Church Group leadership: 


  • Living in a co-ed household as a single adult (unless roommates are family members). 

  • Spending the night with a boyfriend/girlfriend (even if sleeping in separate rooms or separate beds). 

  • Pursuing substance abuse including drunkenness or illegal drug use. 

  • Pursuing sexual immorality including adultery, pre-marital sex, pornography, and impurity in dating or marriage relationships. 


  1. Church Group Leaders commit to be biblically responsive and submissive to MBC leaders, including a willingness to work with a Church Group Coach, attending leadership meetings, and responding to leadership correspondence and communication, as needed. 

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