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Are you currently a member of McLean Bible church? If not, are you currently pursuing membership? If not, please explain.
Please list the churches you have previously been affiliated with (if any), denomination, dates attended and reason for leaving
In the past 5 years, have you held positions of leadership, either inside or outside the church? (i.e. other studies, PTA, business organizations, social, or civic organizations) If yes, please be spdicifc by name the position, church, ministry, organization, etc.
*Have you previously led or participated in a small group? If so, was your experience in that group positive or negative? Please explain both.
Are you currently serving in any other ministries at MBC? If yes, what are they?
Spiritual Background
*If someone were to ask you to explain 'salvation', how would you respond?
*Please share your conversion experience (Testimony or God story). Please be as specific as possible
*How has your personal relationship with Jesus Christ impacted your life?
Are there struggles you are having/have had that could limit your effectiveness in ministry at McLean Bible Church? If so, please explain.
What do you consider to be your personal strengths?
What are your spiritual gifts?
Leader Commitments
*Have you read the “What We Teach” booklet and endorse, both in belief and in practice, the doctrinal statement of McLean Bible Church? *If you are unclear or have questions, please ask us to clarify our position
I agree to attend my location’s worship services regularly. (For example, if you’re applying to lead a Tysons Group, then you agree to attend the Tysons services regularly.)
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