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GO Partnership Request - International

For those interested in partnering with MBC Internationally
MBC Church Wide Congregation
Global Outreach

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*Organization Name:
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*Where will the proposed work primarily occur?:
*How are you already connected to MBC? Do you know a member of our church who can provide a reference for your ministry?
*Please provide a brief description of your organization, its mission, and its plan to accomplish its mission.
*What other organizations or churches do you currently partner with or have partnered with in the past? (Does not need to be exhaustive; consider listing 2-3 with which you've had significant partnership)
*Please provide a specific description of the type of partnership in which you are interested—the goals, the plan, the resources required, etc. Please state clearly how you would like MBC to support this partnership (e.g. a certain number of volunteers, or a certain amount of financial support).
I would like to request FINANCIAL SUPPORT
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I would like to request McLean Bible Church send MISSIONARIES/VOLUNTEER workers
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