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This form should be completed by those who want to enter the MBC Sending Pipeline to be trained and equipped as an MBC Missionary, and who expect to move overseas in the next 1-2 years. If married, each spouse should fill out a separate form.
Date of Birth:
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Marital Status:
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If applicable, number of dependent children and their ages:
Spiritual History
Please keep your answers brief, as this is to gather basic information. 
*1. Please briefly share your testimony, including how and when you came to faith in Christ:
*2. Have you been baptized?:
3. If applicable, when and where were you baptized::
*4. How long have you been a regular attender of MBC services?:
*5. Which MBC location do you attend?:
*6. Are you currently a member of MBC?:
7. If yes, when did you become a member?:
*8. Please list any MBC groups (ministries, Bible studies, fellowships, etc.) with which you have been involved and describe your level of involvement:
*9. Please describe other ministry experience or leadership outside of MBC which you believe has equipped you to serve mid to long term:
*10. Please briefly describe the specific mission God has placed on your heart and how He has been preparing you to make disciples in that specific context/country.  If unknown, write unknown. 
*11. I desire to serve internationally or domestically:
*12. If internationally, which “sending” avenue do you hope to pursue.  Definitions: “Marketplace” Missionary or those who have the opportunity to go abroad as a result of their employment, studies, or retirement. Vocational Missionary are those who connect to a traditional sending organization to be sent out as full time missionaries in the field.  
13. If you are going through a sending organization, have you already been accepted to one?:
14. If you have been accepted to a sending organization, please list the organization name:
*15. Do you have a “launch” timeline in mind:
16. If applicable, what is your launch timeline:
*How do you envision MBC supporting your mission? Please be specific regarding financial support, prayer and spiritual support, training, logistics, etc. 
Reference 1
Please provide the name and contact information of a spiritual leader at McLean Bible Church who knows you (pastor, group leader, key ministry leader etc.)

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Reference 2
Please provide the name and contact information of an adult who knows you (cannot be a family member.) 
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