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Additional Information

This is the initial Intake Form for those interested in the Fall 2024 Sending Pipeline cohort. Please keep your answers brief, as this is to gather basic information. After submission, the Global Outreach team will follow up with you via email within five days.

Section 1: Basic Personal and Family Information

PLEASE NOTE: Your significant other must submit an intake form independently.
*Email Address
*Cell Phone
*Date of Birth
*Relationship Status
If applicable, Full Name of Significant Other
If applicable, Names and Ages of Dependent Children

Section 2: Church Involvement

PLEASE NOTE: Candidates for the Fall 2024 sending pipeline cohort must have been MBC members for at least one year at the time of application. (They must have been voted in as part of the May 24, 2023 Congregational Meeting, or earlier.)
*Which MBC location do you attend?
*Are you a member of McLean Bible Church?
When did you become a member of McLean Bible Church?
*Have you been baptized?
When and where were you baptized?
*Please briefly list any MBC groups or ministries with which you are involved.
Please mention the name of the ministry, the name of a leader who knows you well, and briefly describe your level of involvement.

- Vienna Church Group. Leader: John Doe. I have been a part of this group for about two years.
- Kid's Quest. Leader: Jane Doe. I have served with the upper elementary classes every other Sunday for the past six months.
- Wednesday Morning Men's Community. Leader: Richard Roe. I have attended WMMC meetings for one year and have led the study on three occasions.
*Please list the names of a few MBC pastors/elders who know you particularly well.

Section 3: Cross-Cultural Interest

Please briefly describe any other ministry or leadership experience outside of MBC which you believe will be beneficial in mid or long-term cross-cultural service.
Please briefly describe any specific interests you may have in serving overseas. Do you have a specific location of interest?
Do you hope to support yourself overseas by working a job? If not, are you interested in fundraising to support yourself overseas?
When are you willing or able to move overseas?