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Please take a moment to complete this form individually so we can make the best match possible for you and your spouse. To clarify, BOTH you and your spouse need to submit this form separately (each couple submits 2 forms). If we only receive one form, we will not be able to process your application in a timely manner.

Before you begin this application, please read MBC's What We Teach bookletMarriage Policy, and Remarriage/Divorce policy
*Which MBC location do you attend most regularly?
*Date of Birth
*How did you hear about Marriage Mentoring?
*Wedding Anniversary
*Do you have any children? If so, please list their names, genders and ages
*Were either of you previously married? If yes, please explain
*Please describe your salvation experience (in detail)
*How would you explain the gospel to someone?
*What are the primary areas of growth you have experienced in your marriage? (please give detail)
*Why would you like to serve as a mentor?
*Is your family blended (i.e. do you have any children from a previous marriage, step-children, etc.)? If yes, please explain.
*Have you read the “What We Teach” booklet and endorse, both in belief and in practice, the doctrinal statement of McLean Bible Church? If you are unclear or have questions, please ask us to clarify our position.
*Have you read MBC’s Marriage Policy and Remarriage/Divorce Policy and endorse, both in belief and in practice, the position of McLean Bible Church?