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Please complete this application in your first step towards Baptism
*Date of Birth:
*Phone Number:
First name of parent (if applying for a minor):
Last name of parent (if applying for a minor):
*Email address (Parent email if applying for a minor):
*MBC Location:
*How long have you been attending MBC:
*If applying for a child's baptism, what grade is the child in (1st-5th)?:
*If you are a Rock Student, what grade are you in (6th-12th)?:
*Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?:
Follow these questions to guide you through writing your testimony: 1. My life before Jesus was... 2. I decided to trust Jesus because... 3. My life after trusting Jesus is...:
*Please share how you came to know Jesus Christ as your Savior?:
How can a person gain salvation? What must someone do in order to be forgiven from his/her sin?:
*How would you explain the gospel?:
*Have you been baptized by immersion since your profession of faith in Jesus Christ?:
*What is leading you now to be baptized?:
*Do you have any special needs that may impact you during the baptism (e.g., getting in and out fo the baptismal pool)?:
*If you’re getting baptized in a weekend worship gathering, it will be a part of our live streams. At times we may be capturing additional photos and videos. Do you grant MBC permission to use images and/or video of your baptism in both print or digital media, including social media? Please indicate YES or NO. If NO, please let us know the parameters of sharing any images/video of you.