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Baptism at Prince William

Prince William
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Please complete this application in your first step towards Baptism
*Date of Birth:
*Phone Number:
First name of parent (if applying for a minor):
Last name of parent (if applying for a minor):
*Email address (Parent email if applying for a minor):
*MBC Location:
*How long have you been attending MBC:
*If applying for a child's baptism, what grade is the child in (1st-5th)?:
*If you are a Rock Student, what grade are you in (6th-12th)?:
*Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?:
Follow this simple four-point format to prepare and write your testimony: • Life before I trusted Christ - What was your life like? Without sensationalizing or overly colorful details, explain your spiritual background. (Example: If you grew up in the church, you can briefly describe what that looked like) • How I trusted Christ - Describe in a 1-2 sentences how you came to know Jesus Christ; what He has done for you and how you made a personal decision to follow Him. • Share the gospel - What better way to tell others about the power of Jesus Christ, than through explaining what Christ did for us on the cross. In your own words, share the gospel message. • Why get baptized? - In one sentence, describe why you want to be baptized.:
*Please share your testimony.:
How can a person gain salvation? What must someone do in order to be forgiven from his/her sin?:
*How would you explain the gospel?:
*Have you been baptized by immersion since your profession of faith in Jesus Christ?:
*What is leading you now to be baptized?:
*Have you participated in a baptism class at MBC?:
*If you’re getting baptized in a weekend worship gathering, it will be a part of our live streams. At times we may be capturing additional photos and videos. Do you grant MBC permission to use images and/or video of your baptism in both print or digital media, including social media? Please indicate YES or NO. If NO, please let us know the parameters of sharing any images/video of you. 
*Do you have any special needs that may impact you during the baptism (e.g., getting in and out fo the baptismal pool)?: