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DateOpportunity TitleCampusMinistryRole
OngoingAwana - I want to volunteer but not sure where (M)TysonsAwana TysonsVolunteer
OngoingAwana Prayer WarriorTysonsAwana TysonsAwana Encourager
OngoingAwana Game LeaderTysonsAwana TysonsAwana Game Leader
OngoingAwana Games- Tech/AVTysonsAwana TysonsAwana Tech
OngoingAwana GreeterTysonsAwana TysonsAwana Greeter
OngoingAwana Record KeeperTysonsAwana TysonsAwana Record Keeper
OngoingAwana Resource SupportTysonsAwana TysonsAwana Resource Support
OngoingAwana Store TysonsAwana TysonsAwana Store
OngoingCubbies Craft leaderTysonsAwana TysonsCubbies Crafts
OngoingCubbies Game LeaderTysonsAwana TysonsCubbies Game Leader
OngoingCubbies PuppeteerTysonsAwana TysonsCubbies Puppeteer
OngoingCubbies SecretaryTysonsAwana TysonsCubbies Secretary
OngoingCubbies Table LeaderTysonsAwana TysonsTable Leader
OngoingJourney Table LeaderTysonsAwana TysonsTable Leader
OngoingPrize distributor for Sparks K, 1, and 2TysonsAwana TysonsAwana Sparks Treasure Chest
OngoingPugglesTysonsAwana TysonsVolunteer
OngoingPuggles table LeaderTysonsAwana TysonsPuggles Leader
OngoingResource GroupTysonsAwana TysonsAwana Resource Support
OngoingSparks Director - 1stTysonsAwana TysonsSparks Director
OngoingSparks Director - 2ndTysonsAwana TysonsSparks Director
OngoingSparks Director - KTysonsAwana TysonsSparks Director
OngoingSparks Table Leader - KTysonsAwana TysonsTable Leader
OngoingSparks Table Leader - 2TysonsAwana TysonsTable Leader
OngoingSpecial needs children's buddiesTysonsAwana TysonsAwana Buddy
OngoingT&T Table Leader (3/4th Grade) GirlsTysonsAwana TysonsTable Leader
OngoingT&T Table leader (3/4th Grade) BoysTysonsAwana TysonsTable Leader
OngoingT&T Table Leader (5/6th Grade) BoysTysonsAwana TysonsTable Leader
OngoingT&T Table Leader (5/6th Grade) GirlsTysonsAwana TysonsTable Leader
OngoingTable Leader - All Groups - SubstituteTysonsAwana TysonsTable Leader Substitute
OngoingTrek Table LeaderTysonsAwana TysonsTable Leader
OngoingVolunteering at this time is not possible.TysonsAwana TysonsInquirer