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Please complete this application if you are interested in becoming a Church Group Leader
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*Marital Status:
*Please briefly share the details of how and when you came to know Christ:
*What is your understanding of the gospel?:
*Describe how you have grown spiritually within the past 2 years:
How long have you attended MBC?:
What MBC location do you attend?:
How long have you attended this location?:
*Are you currently a member of McLean Bible church? :
If not, would you be willing to begin the membership process within the next 6 months?:
Do you have any comments regarding church membership?:
*Have you read MBC's “What We Teach” booklet and do you commit to lead and teach in accord with it?
*Will you embody and reflect the values and principles of MBC and will you follow, honor and submit to MBC leadership?
*Have you ever led a small group?:
If yes, how long did you lead that ministry?:
Do you feel you were able to serve, in ways that God has uniquely gifted you personally, to equip the body of Christ? Describe:
*Have others affirmed your gifting as a ministry leader?:
What was difficult for you as you led the group?:
Have you watched CG Leader 101 Training? (mcleanbible.org/church-groups-leader-resources)
*Are you willing to commit to striving for the "4 Aims" as described in the MBC Church Groups manual (mcleanbible.org/churchgroups) on page 14? Are you committed to:
  • Striving to help all group members "C-G-M"?
  • Striving to integrating new people quickly and meaningfully?
  • Striving to multiplying disciples through your Church Group?
  • Striving to serving your church, not just your Church Group?
*Are you willing to commit to the MBC Church Group Leader Commitments (MBC Leader Commitments).
*According to 1 Timothy 3, do you feel you meet the biblical qualifications for deacon as set forth in Scripture?
Please provide 2-3 character references who can affirm that you meet biblical qualifications of a deacon as described in 1 Timothy 3.
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